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On Thursday 27th June I am starting to teach a new and original method of self-healing - Direct Healing Qigong. There will be three chapters of eight online classes, presenting unique and effective ways to enable you to tune into your own powerful qi potential for health and well-being.  We will be addressing the energetic self-healing ability of the body's internal organs and organ systems, and then integrating it all into practise. 

There are two vital factors here: making a regular time commitment embeds “when” there will be a change.  Secondly, dedicating a space where you practise in your own home, allows the Qi to ground, “where” it can accumulate, transform and build into your body.

Zoom classes will run at 530pm (UK) on Thursdays and Sundays, with recordings available for missed sessions. The content will be systematic and will give you practical tools to help yourself.  There will also be acupressure, diet and sleep advice.  

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