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The View

 "I feel that our view of Medicine can be evolved beyond pathology. Our own healthcare can have a broader, more dynamic root. Prevention is, of course, better, easier and less expensive than cure. But we all fall down, sometimes! 

This is normal.

    Acupuncture should be a dynamic and painless Art, highly effective in both Acute and Chronic conditions. It can be practised on many different levels, according to the practitioner's training and ability.  Acupuncture treatment stimulates and unifies the natural healing intelligence of the body, encouraging natural circulation, or Qi flow. 

Most Externally it may be used to ease pain, stiff muscles and tendons, but, most Internally, it is profound, nourishing our potential on all levels as we continue to develop throughout our lifetime.  The unified view of Qi is that there are no boundaries in the Universe, everything is in cyclical relationship, cause and effect, moving through dimensions, expressed in present time.  The level to which we observe this is just a reflection of our own experience or equipment!

No problem!

The medium for all life on our blue planet is water. The human body is about 60% water. In nature we observe the Water Cycle changing from solid ice to liquid water to gaseous cloud and around again.

This is Life.

H2O manifests in different energetic states according to the environment, changing from one form into another. No stopping, even Ice Ages end. This is Qi flow.  In a similar way, of course, we have a physical, solid body, a watery developmental psychology and perhaps a more in intangible spirit, part of us, a quality, that can be recognised as unchanging through time.  These, like the Water Cycle, flow into eachother and can support each other. When present together, sitting comfortably, changing,

This is meditation. 

However polluted water may become, it becomes pure and clear again simply by flowing over time.

This is Acupuncture.

When our physical body, mind and spirit are aligned, in resonance, we have our full potential at play. Normal is responsive and adaptive. There is a homeostatic bias towards health and ease on all levels of our being.

     From our inherited constitution, Nature and Nurture, our health, simply, arises over time supported by the effectiveness of our:

 Assimilation  (digestion).      Breathing  (emotions/thinking).      Sleep (recovery).

  The quality of these are over looked in modern culture. Nutrition is meaningless without assimilation, thinking about thinking can be problematic, sleeping pills cannot give nourishing rest.  But, the Three Treasures, when energised, enable us to adapt to our environments, which in turn offer us comfort, freedom and health, naturally.  Acupuncture is unique in its ability to dynamically regulate these Three Treasures, bringing forward your own Constitution, from where responsiveness and dynamism can spring. It acknowledges the bio rhythmic cycles of the body and Environment in which we live. This level of treatment can reach subtlety that could be thought to be non medical. There is much power in subtlety.    It may be that even complex medical conditions have their historic, untreated cause here.  

When things are small and simple they tend to be easy to treat. When things have become big in our lives, supporting all of the small is powerful.

  Investment in our Nature is the root of our potential, our happiness. How we relate to others and the world, the branch.

   The human recovery and adaptive potential is enormous, if we nourish it and give it space, it will surely flower.

 Usefulness must be our premise.

Simple, solid ground in a complicated Life."

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