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Chinese Polestar Astrology is a highly sophisticated system of Time calculation and Character imagery. It holds a mirror to our Self and Life that describes and richly illuminates, for us, the life that we are in, from our own perspective and our own nature. It is information that helps us see and feel our capacities and opportunities in time. This information supports and profoundly helps us along the path of resolution. Resolution is the process by which we endeavour to put down the weight of our past, lean back from fear of the future and enter with our fullest capacity the present, where we can be aware of opportunity arising. Naturally responding to reality and support that is available.

By the first century in China over 6000 years of tribal astronomical observations and historical records were synthesised and systematised into mathematical equation to produce Polestar Astrology.

A similar process occured in Western Sciences in the dialogue  between Astronomy and Physics in the 1930's as Mathematical equation was applied to observations of  the natural world. Today the fields of Biology and Modern Medical research do the same as powers of computation have increased exponentially. 

  Polestar Astrology, or,  Zi Wei Dou Shu was used only to serve The Emperor.  The system had evolved throughout history in dialogue with the major cultures of the times, particularly India and Persia.

This system was used by the Chinese Imperial Court to maintain the detail of running the  Empire for over 3000 years.  It is the record of the cycles of time, there is no place for superstition or fortune telling.  It records the history and data of change. Acknowledging the interplay of cycles, precedent and the fresh present moment.  The tradition reaches back to prehistory and has roots in many different cultures that are pre Chinese.  The sophistication is unparalleled. In the past it was considered a secret teaching because people would not comprehend its value.

This information, now available to us personally, gives us an opportunity to deeply self reflect upon the dance of our character, our inner nature, fate, the cycles of time and freedom. Helping us to see the resolution of our past, present and future with kindness towards our self and others. Creating a new environment. We all only ever live in the environment of our past actions. Insight and reflection offer us equanimity and freedom. Success occurs in groups.

     Deepening insight offers space to become Hua Ren, a flowered person.

 Natal Chart:      £250

Annual Cycle:    £250 

(5-6 hours of advance preparation time by Christopher 

and 1.5 to 2 hr consultation and discussion, audio recording included)



This form of Divination is the root text of the

 I Ching, or The Book of Changes, and has been valued and used for over 3000 years.

Translated into many languages.

 It has been cherished as a source of wisdom because it examines and reflects the fundamental experience of living as a sentient human being in all of our complexity, simplicity and commonality.

   It plumbs the depths of our ideas of past, present and future, the concepts of random, fate,

and the fixed view point of an abiding Self.  

    It reflects only calm.

    This the greatest of all cultures have called Wisdom.

Divination and Interpretation:







The Almanac.


The Power of When.

When to step Back.

When to Wait.

When to step Forward.

   The procession of annual Qi,

transforming through the sequence of 24 Qi Nodes,

the 12 Solar Indices and 28 Lunar Mansions. 

     Dragon's play.



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