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First Sunday of each month. 

530pm UK, 930am CA.

The Acupressure at Home Zoom sessions

 teach you to locate a series of

specific, important Acupoints on your body.

Pressing and stimulating these points can help release muscle tension and promote blood circulation, with the aim of tonifying the body and calming the mind.

  Learn how to help yourself release tension headaches.

Redirect nausea to promote digestion.  

Reduce stress and anxiety to aid sleep.




In each live session you will be guided through a dedicated acupressure treatment. 

Week by week you will learn new aspects

of this ancient self-healing technique 

to be confident in using it as needed. 

Acupressure at Home.


£15 per class recording.

access ALL classes via Zoom link here



To buy class recordings of "Acupressure at Home I".

Each class is 1 hour Acupressure treatment and tuition,

including Relax and Focus Meditation Technique.

£15, or £100 for the complete 8 week course:


       1.  Introduction, Relax and Focus.

       2.  Digestion, nausea.

       3.  Headaches.

       4.  Sleep.

       5.  Anxiety, stress.

       6.  Pain management.

       7.  Healing.

       8.  Review. 

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