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NEW Autumn 2023 Acupuncture treatment series starts on 6th September

At the New Southfields Clinic

6th September - Heat Ends Qi Node. Balancing Fire and Earth elements.

Calm the heart and the emotions, tonify digestion.

20th September - White Dew Qi Node.

Transition towards Autumn Equinox.

Strengthen lung and large intestine, bolster immunity.

27th September - Autumn Equinox Qi Node. The third of the four Qi pivots of the year.

Embody the harvest of this year on all levels. Jing, Qi, Shen.

11th October - Cold Dew Qi Node. Prepare to deeply absorb the riches of this Winter.

Nourish the kidneys, replenish the Eight Extraordinary Channels.

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