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In his general private practice Christopher specialises in Seasonal Preventative Medicine and Post Treatment Recovery.

For over 20 years he has worked as a primary acupuncture specialist at the charity Breast Cancer Haven and run his private practice helping thousands of patients.

He also held Acupuncture clinics and professional talks at the Leaders in Oncology Care (The LOC) facilities in Harley Street, London.  Lectures focused towards understanding the benefits of Integrated Medicine. This included a demonstration of his quick, easy to learn, and practical meditation technique, Relax and Focus.

At the Breast Cancer Haven he was the first to innovate Group Ear Acupuncture protocols which has led to much ongoing evidenced based research in the field. 

General Practice Clinics for all patients are regularly available in London at:

The New Southfields Clinic. (SW18 5EQ).

Putney Osteopaths. (SW15 3NT).

Locations and contact details here.

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  Christopher Woodward is a highly regarded Acupuncturist, initially trained in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture.  

   He has been engaged in ongoing integrated studies of The Daoist Medical Arts and practical philosophical traditions, including Polestar Astrology, cycles of time, Dream Practise and Internal Martial Arts.

  Now he has entered the stream known in Daoism as the cycle of  "The Complete Teaching."  

   This is a direct Transmission from the resources and lineage of the Imperial family of The Han Dynasty. Passed down to him and only a handful of students worldwide by his late teacher Liu Wen Ming. It expands the accuracy and power of Medicine and Medical treatments by synchronising them within the specifics of Time and Space.

   During his 20 years of practise, ongoing study, and due to training with extraordinary teachers, he has developed insight into the depth, breadth and complexity of these traditions.

    A vision integrating modern medicine and ancient wisdom sciences, delivering dynamic treatments with gentleness.


Acupuncture is a healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted Qi flow and circulation.  It helps activate the natural healing processes in each patient's body as well as to restore  physical and emotional well-being.

  Relative Rhythm Relationship changing through our internal and external environments, and through Time.

  Its focus is to nourish the continuation of development and maturity that finds completion and peace.

Zhen Ren, a Gentle Person.

Normal is responsive to circumstance, finding ease. Adaption.

      Seasonal treatment is always recommended.

When pathology is resolved treatment allows our spirits to  shine.


   £60 - £160


Chinese Polestar Astrology is a highly sophisticated system of Time calculation and Character imagery.

A mirror to our Self and Times.

       It describes and richly illuminates, for us, the life that we are in, from our own perspective and our own nature. This allows us to match our Capacity and Opportunity in Time.

  It supports and profoundly helps us along the path of resolution. Resolution is the process by which we endeavour to put down the weight of our past, lean back from fear of the future and enter in, with our fullest capacity, the present, where we can be aware of opportunity arising. Naturally responding to reality and support when it arises and is available to us.

The generation of a Natal or Birth Chart can be the start point of a life long dialogue that opens up and enrichens over time.

From that information Annual Cycle Charts focus in on detail of the year in question.

Natal Chart:           £250  

(6hrs preparation, 1-2hr consultation) 

Decade Cycle Chart:         £125

  Annual Cycle Chart:          £125 

        Chart review:                   £75    


This very special Five Element Qigong system directly focuses on each of our 12 Organs and their Acupuncture pathways, enhancing our health and strength internally. Externally it deepens our connection to the Environment that supports and nourishes us. 

  We soon experience increased strength, flexibility and calmness of mind.

A lively energy within all of our being, radiating more robust health and finer levels of Awareness.

It is common to experience symptom reduction followed by an increasing quality of our general health.

 One2one Zoom sessions. 

Group Classes on Sundays and Thursdays 530pm BST

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One2one  Zoom                      £60 

Worldwide  Zoom Classes      £15 



A quick and very easy to learn practical meditation technique, particularly important at this Time

to promote Robust Mental Health,

release stress and aid peaceful sleep.

Book a One2one session or connect to the Worldwide Zoom Classes that will contain Medical Qigong and Relax and Focus.

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Worldwide Zoom Classes          £15




Christopher Woodward

  BSc, LicAc, MBAcC.

Breast Cancer Haven, Effie Road, London.
SW6 1TB. 


2020 AD

Chinese Year of

The Yang Metal Rat



Get your personal

Annual or 10 year Progression Cycle


£ 125




              "I wish to fully acknowledge the Transmission and Teachings I have received from Liu Wen Ming and The Liu family. My heart sings. May the wind forever whisper."     CW.


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